Charity Shop Gem

So today I had a little time to kill while Hannah was at the gym -sometimes I feel that my life revolves around her gym schedule, so she better darn well make it into the Olympics! 🙂  No pressure at all!  Anyway, there is a small charity shop close by so I popped in to take a looksie.  I often find old wool skirts, etc. that I can cut-up and overdye for rug hooking projects (I really should post some pictures of my rug hooking on here sometime!)  I occasionally come across a gauzy silk scarf that can be used in nuno felting.  But today I hit the jackpot – a beautiful mohair, wool blend that is in perfect condition and huge.  Only down side, it was a very 1987 shade of neon pink.  No problem.  I paid my $2.99 (yes, that’s what I paid!) and dashed home to get out my acid dyes.  Well, I did pick Hannah up first.  So to make the long story short, I used a dip dye technique to transform the offensive pink to a deep raspberry and burgundy brown variegation.   How much do I love this transformation?  Let me count the ways.

I’ve read varying opinions about how well mohair felts so the next big decision will be where to go next.  Really I could just keep it as is and wrap myself in it on cold winter nights.  And yet, I feel the need to do more.  Hmmm… I’ll think on it a bit.


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