My New Early Morning Obsession

The only thing I dislike about the new house is the “uber-open-conceptness” of it.  It means that the cats are free to vocalize their wish to be fed at 5:45 am and I am the one to answer their call.  This leaves me wide awake with no hope of falling back to sleep and a need to do something quietly so I don’t disturb the other sleepers in the household.  Well, Pinterest has come to my rescue!  Have you discovered it yet?  It’s the new “it” thing in social media because, after all, we are all getting sick of mindless, ego-ridden status updates on Facebook – those of others and our own.  And FB seems to be finding new-and-improved ways to aggravate us by re-arranging our walls and hitting our collective privacy nerve.  Pinterest has stepped in to show us the light.  Basically, it’s a collection of scrapbook-like virtual bulletin boards that you can pin photos and videos onto.  You can spend hours perusing other people’s boards and re-pinning things of interest onto your own.  This concept appeals to us women who, by our very natures, are gatherers, leading to some claims that Pinterest users are up to 90% female.   While me family peacefully sleeps upstairs, my mornings have been spent pinning away and I’ve found some great photographs (like the one above) and great ideas for projects.  Now one could object that this is all a glorious waste of time – Will I ever get to those DIY projects?  However, I’ve found many fellow felt artists who spend many hours pinning (just like me) and collectively we seem to be collating a massive database of felting inspiration!   So get pinning!  It’s great fun!

On another note, my Etsy store is finally up and running with a whopping one item listed.  I have more items to stock and will spend the afternoon getting them on as well.  Once I’ve fleshed out the stock, I’ll be doing a little shameless self-promotion and sending out a mass email which will alert everyone and request that they shamefully pass the link on to lots more people 🙂


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