New Scarves and New Classes

A few weeks have passed and I’ve busily felting.  I’ve been working on my nuno-felting and I think I have my skills and technique where I want them to be.  I’ve made several scarves and they will be on sale at Art In the Park at the Neilson Park Creative Centre on June 10th.  I also plan on putting a couple on my Etsy shop, if I ever find myself a model that is!  I’ve discovered the joy of nuno-felting with lightweight pongee silk – I just love the texture it creates once felted and the sheen is amazing.  The scarf above is purple and pink merino with some multi-coloured silk top on one side.  The other is some hand-dyed purple pongee as shown below.

I also played with some turquoise pongee with white merino and blue silk tops.  The finished textiles are so light and airy and soft – perfect for something to put over your shoulders on a chilly summer evening.

I also have a new set of workshops to announce.  I’ve partnered with a wonderful Artist’s Co-operative, Karma Creative and will be teaching a series of three felting workshops in late April, early May.  They have a new studio located in Downsview which is buzzing with creative energy!  The three workshops can be taken as a course or individually, but we designed the order so that each course builds on skills and concepts from the one prior.  I’m really looking forward to these classes and the inspiration that teaching always brings me.


Blue Scarf

My latest scarf… multiple shades of blue merino, white silk pongee, topaz bamboo top.

Fibres are laid out and wetted.

I’ve discovered that I love the way pongee silk nuno-felts.  I think I will be using a lot more of this in my future work.

It’s also the first time I used bamboo top and the lustre is amazing.