New Vessels

I’ve added two new vessels to my Etsy shop.  I need to start stockpiling a few more for my Art in The Park sale coming up at the beginning of June.  I’m also in the process of making up do-it-yourself kits for these small vessels.  I have the instructions written up and my packaging ready to go.  I just need to get my close-up photos done and inserted into the instructions.  the kits will come in a variety of colour combos and will be around the $20-25.00 mark depending on the materials included.  The key will be clear instructions so I’ll need to pick on a couple of guinea pigs to try them out and give me some feedback – any volunteers? 


Sedona-Inspired Tapestry

Here we are… my sample tapestry.  I dip-dyed some pre-felt to create a red-rock effect and went from there.  The picture is the before-felting layout.  Some of the silk fibres migrated slightly so I learned that I need to do a little more gentle-hand felting before I roll.  I’ll have to post the finished piece, just haven’t had a chance to photograph it yet!

Sedona Inspirations


I just returned from a brief trip to Arizona.  Stan had a conference in Phoenix and the grandparents and aunts offered to tag team care for the kids, so I decided to tag along.  After the conference, we took a couple of days and drove north to Sedona.  I was there about 12 years back and it is still a magically beautiful place!   The red rocks and fresh air are awesome.  I took lots of photographs and can’t wait to use them for inspiration in my felting.  I’m teaching a class on “painting with wool” at the end of the month and have to create some sample tapestries.  At least one of them will be red rock inspired. 

In the meantime, Happy Easter and Happy Passover!