Sushi Roll Jewellery Components


I’m experimenting with a new technique today.  Back in my polymer clay days, I remember trying my hand at making milliflorie canes.  Well, why not apply the technique to wool and create a felt cane?

I chose some vibrant colours and then divided my roving into a pile of skinny ropes.

My “sushi roll” before wetting and rolling – although I dry-rolled it quite a bit to get the process started.

After wetting it down, I used a bamboo mat to roll, and roll, and roll, and roll, and roll… I needed a really well felted cane so that it would slice nicely.  The bamboo mat really helped with this project.  I think that plain bubble wrap would take forever!

I’m pleased with the slices, although, if truth be told, they could be felted even a little bit more.  Next time I think I’ll make my bands of roving a bit thicker so there is a little more definition between colours.  I also ended up with a really long cane so I can definitely be a little more conservative with the length when I lay the next one out. 

Now I just have to decide how the slices will be used.  Stung into a necklace?  A bracelet?  I might glueing two onto earring backs.  I’ll post some pictures of where they end up when they get there.


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