I survived Creativfest and I’m pooped!  

On Wednesday I had my TV appearance on Rogers Daytime Toronto, promoting the festival and doing a felting demo.  It was fun to get back into a TV studio again.  It’s been a few years!  But my latent skills made a reappearance and I think I did a pretty good job.  I’ve made arrangements to get a DVD copy and will post the segment here once I get my hands on it.

On Thursday I taught a day-long workshop on how to make felted vessels.  I had a roomful of creative and talented women from across Ontario and a few visiting from the US as well.  It was so exciting to watch their vessels take shape and enjoy the creative buzz in the room while they felted away.  My only regret is that I don’t have any photos to share.  My good camera is on the fritz (grrrr) and I kept meaning to snap a few with my phone but the light was not optimal so I probably would not have done their work justice.   One of my talented students has a blog of her own and posted pictures of her creation here.  Jo-Ann Woolverton is a very talented bead artist.  Her bead creations are stunning so I can’t wait to see how she bead-embellishes her vessel!  With a little luck some of the other students from the class will send me some photos of their finished vessels and I will post them for all to admire!

I really appreciated that several of the women took the time to compliment my teaching.  It means a lot to me to hear that people like my teaching style and feel at ease in my classroom.   It’s doubtful that I’ll ever head back into a highschool classroom in any formal way, but I really enjoy teaching, and especially enjoy teaching crafts and arts.  The students in my classes are as much of an inspiration to me as I am to them.  So thank you for your kind words and encouragement!

On Friday I ventured down to the exhibit hall with my mother and eldest sister.  Between the three of us, we kept the vendors mighty busy!  Just because I really need new projects and crafts (you know, I just have soooo much time on my hands for new pursuits ;-), I dove in and purchased a couple! 

I’m going to try my had at creating a scarf with thread on soluble paper.  The idea is that you stitch a grid to stabilize, then do a free form pattern, then soak the project and the paper dissolves away.  You’re left with a beautiful airy scarf.   

I also splurged and purchased a knitting kit from HPKY (Hand Painted Knitting Yarns).  It will be a beautiful fringed cape in variegated blues and greens.  It’s been ages since I did any serious knitting, but I managed to get the pattern started over the weekend and will try to make it my evening tv project as it is pretty basic knitting – just a lot of it!

On Saturday night I was off to the 25th anniversary Gala.  I had a piece in the Designer Style Challenge.  I was one of the finalists in the Fibre Arts and Surface Design category.  I wasn’t the winner in my category, but it was so wonderful to have my work recognized on a national scale.  I was so proud to see my scarflette modelled on the runway.  Again, no photos as I couldn’t get a good one from my seat.  But I was so honoured to be recognized alongside such incredible talent!

And now a day to re-group and rest, and try to get the house in order as I ignored it all last week!


Felted Flowers and my 20 minutes of Fame

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  I was busy, busy, busy – seems to be a theme for me lately. 

On Saturday I taught another great workshop at BeadFX in Scarborough.  5 lovely ladies joined me to create Felted Flower Brooches.  We had lots of fun choosing colours and playing with wool. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera (I’d forget my own head these days…), but I asked everyone to send me a photo of their finished product as I would love to see how they embellished them and post them here to show them off. 

It’s Creativefest week. So exciting!  I’m doing a TV spot tomorrow on Rogers Daytime at 10am (Wednesday the 10th) so tune in and watch my felting demo.  It’s been awhile since I was in front of the camera so here’s hoping I do okay 🙂

On Thursday I’ll be teaching my Felted Vessel Course.  There are still a couple of spaces left, so if you were thinking about taking a workshop at Creativefest, come and join us.  I have a tonne of great wool colours and we’re going to have a full day of felting fun!

Look for my felted scarflette, Azalea, on display at Creativefest as it is a semi-finalist in the Canada-wide Designer Style Challenge.  They will be collecting votes as part of the People’s Choice awards so make sure you fill out a ballot in my favour.  Awards will be given on Saturday at the Gala.  Keep your fingers crossed and I’ll report back as soon as I know the results! 



Open For Business


My space at the Arts Market in Leslieville is officially open!  I’m pleased with the way it came together.  The photo isn’t too hot as I quickly snapped it with my phone when I was dog-tired and ready to leave, but hopefully you’ll all go in and take a look in person sometime soon!  It’s a great retail concept – so many talented artists in there, and a great place to start your Christmas shopping!

I have another great workshop happening tomorrow at BeadFX in Scarborough – we’ll be creating felted flower brooches – another great idea for a handmade Christmas gift.  I think there are still one or two spaces available if you’re interested!