Bad Blogger, Bad!

felted ball braceletI’ve been very bad at keeping my blog up-to-date!  I can’t believe I haven’t added anything since November!  I was busy with my stall at the Arts Market and then Christmas was upon us… And what’s my excuse been since then?  Well, it’s January and it’s cold! Isn’t that excuse enough for almost anything and everything? 

In an effort to get back on track, I’ve updated my workshop page with the workshops I currently have scheduled for the winter and spring.  There are a couple of new offerings.  A felted ball bead Bracelet and a Cellini Spiral Beaded Necklace (not a a felting project, but a fun project just the same! 

I closed down my stall at the Arts Market jut before Christmas. It just wasn’t the right space for my work.  I need a place that can function both as a retail and studio space. So the search continues. 

I have a new project blossoming at the moment.  We recently installed a light fixture in our dining room and the hanging of it shifted everything off centre in the room.  The print we had on the wall just doesn’t work anymore so I’ve decided that that wall needs a large scale felt tapestry.  I’ve been mulling over the design for a couple of weeks and think I know what I want.  Now I just need to get seized by creative energy and get it started.  Stay tuned!