Shibori Sample

I’ve been busy teaching classes over the past few weeks.

I had a wonderful group of women join me at Neilson Park to create Nuno-felt stoles. I pre-dyed the silk lengths in a colour of their choice and they produced some phenomenal pieces. I really need to get my camera issues sorted out and start taking some more photos during these classes!

This past weekend I taught the felted choker at BeadFX. I’m always inspired by the colour choices and combinations my students put together. They created some really beautiful wearable chokers. Well done ladies!

In an effort to lift myself out of my creative doldrums (I always find that I have no creative mojo in January and February – I wonder why that is?), I did a sample shibori felt piece on the weekend. I wasn’t ready to take on a big project just yet. But I did want to experiment with a technique that I’ve been wanting to incorporate into my art.


I started with a small square of undyed pongee silk.


After laying two thin layers of undyed merino and beginning the felting process, I borrowed some of my daughter’s marbles and used some cotton twine to tie them into place.  I faced the silk side upwards.


Into the dye bath they went…


…and came out a lovely variegated limey green.

At this point I popped them into the dryer with a couple of old towels and let them rattle around a bit.

IMG_6650 IMG_6649

And here is the lovely bubbles I ended up with.  I carefully cut away the twine and removed the marbles and the bubbles had felted quite securely into place.  I have some ideas for where I can take this technique – specifically with the wall hanging I’m going to be producing, in my felted jewelry.  I want to come up with some new workshop offerings for the fall, and success with this new technique has stimulated my imagination – stay tuned!