A whole year speeds by…

Almost a whole year has sped by and I haven’t been blogging at all.  I’ve been busy, just not documenting it.  Tsk, tsk.  Shame on me!  But it’s 2014 and time to turn over a new leaf and get back at this blog.  Part of the issue has been that my DSLR has been on the fritz.  However, I finally got around to dropping it off at the repair shop so, with a little luck, I will be snapping all my creative pursuits soon.

My 2013 felting adventures were full and rewarding.  I taught several classes at BeadFX and I was back at Creativefest in the fall.  I am also the proud new owner of a proper studio space.  We pulled up our basement carpet and put down an awesome heated cork floor.  I appropriated half of the space and built myself a massive felting table.  It’s so nice to have a space where I can leave out my “mess” and store all my stuff within arm’s reach.  I really enjoy working there.  My goal for this year is to figure out a better light system.  The basement is above grade and there are two large windows, but I still need some brighter daylight-type light for those grey days.

I been working on refining my felted garment skills.  I’ve made a couple of lovely fitted vests and am getting ready to try my hand at a coat!


Felted Cuff Bracelet
A new workshop I’m offering for 2014 is my Felted Cuff Bracelet.  The January 25th class at BeadFX is Sold Out!  Yeah!  So we’ve added another date – April 12th.


I’ll be teaching a Felted Boho Bag class at BeadFX on March 22nd.

I’ll also be offering my Felted Vessel Class at a new location – ArteMbassy in Leaside – on February 21st.

And I promise to take photos at these classes.  Stay tuned!


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