Artist Statement

I use wool fibres to felt into pieces of art that can adorn the home and the body.  It never ceases to amaze me how wool fibres jump to life with the addition of a little soap and water.  I knead, rub, and sculpt wool fibres to create felted vessels and textiles alive with colour and texture.

I love the smell of wool, the feel of it and am intrigued by how a fibre that is so rough on the microscopic level can be moulded into a soft, pliable textile.  It is a fibre full of history and I feel comforted and inspired by that legacy.  It is sustainable, strong and so very dynamic

As a women and an artist, I am very interested in exploring the line between craft and art.  Traditionally women’s artistic expression has been grounded in the home and created with media accessible in that space.  We sew.  We quilt.  We knit.  We rug hook… We make truly beautiful things that have utility and purpose.  But I don’t want to be limited by that.  I want to push the boundaries of craft and discover the artistry in the process.

My work is inspired by the people and spaces around me.  I continually get colour inspiration from my children who are brave with their Crayolas and don’t allow themselves to be limited by tried and true palettes.  I look to the colours, shapes and textures of the natural world to see how beauty can be found in opposition – flaking rust on smooth metal.  Fungus on fern.  Pebble on sand…

My artistic expression began with a love for photography.  From a young age, I spent many hours in the darkroom developing my view of the world on paper.   Photography trained my eye and continues to frame the way I see the world around me.  However, as technology has advanced, photography has become a hands-off process and I have learned that touching and feeling are a very important part of the artistic process for me.  This has brought me to wool and the process of felting.  A next step for me will be to explore a convergence of forms – how I can merge my photography with my fibre work.



2 thoughts on “Artist Statement

  1. Great to meet you today at Leslieville Arts Market. Your work is just gorgeous. Looking forward to taking one of your felting workshops in future.

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