Felted Cuff Bracelet


I spent a delightful day yesterday with 8 lovely, creative ladies at BeadFX.  The project was the felted cuff bracelet.  I was flattered to discover that there was actually a wait list for this class.  Clearly, this project resonated with a lot of people.  So we’ve added a second date in April.  But for now, let’s focus on all the magic that happened in this class.


Jane worked with a black base and accented with a royal blue – Stunning!

It’s funny, whenever students choose black wool, they always find it a bit frustrating – it pulls a bit clumpy and it always is more resistant to felting. I always blame it on the dye.  I wonder if the different properties of different dye colours affect the properties of the wool – perhaps the black dye is somewhat more caustic and scours down the surface of the fibre a bit?


I wish I had a close up of Pam’s cuff!  She chose a variegated wool that creates an almost marble effect when felted.  She used some turquoise sari silk threads to create a veining effect – so beautiful!  I love having Pam in class as she is such a wealth of beading information – any technical question regarding beading supplies, technique, etc., Pam always knows the answer!  Thanks Pam!


Jane is soaping up her cuff and felting it onto the brass cuff.


Marija’s colour choices were so brave – her bracelet really popped.  I imagine it with a nice white linen dress or shirt – so pretty!


Diana travelled in all the way from Collingwood!  With the bad weather, I’m just glad she made it safely!  Her colour choices were so warm and rich.  I hope she sends me a photo of the finished product with her bead work.


Nancy is so fun to have in class.  She always brings a piece of clothing or accessory to match her project with – in this case a pair of fabulous shoes!  And, she always finishes her piece in class!  No UFO’s (unfinished objects) in her closest.  Her cuff is gorgeous.  She even figured out a way to invisibly bind her and felt her ends – I love it when my students teach me something!


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